Lee-hadies and juhhhh-hentlemen…

WE HAVE A WINNER! (Several, actually)

We had a contest the other dayYou had to guess the number between 0 and 100 that Uncle John picked! Two hundred and thirty-odd of you submitted entries! As per rules numbers 4, 5, and 6:

4. The five people who come THE CLOSEST to the number Uncle John picked will win ONE (1!) Uncle John Bathroom Reader books of their choosing. (Yeehaw!)

5. The person the VERY CLOSEST to the number Uncle John picked will win TWO (2!) books of their choosing. (Bazinga!)

6. The submitter who guesses THE EXACT NUMBER (gasp!) that Uncle John picked will win FIVE (5!) books of their choosing.

Drum roll please:


Nobody picked 41! But, because Douglas Adams wrote some funny books

Ten of you picked 42! (D’oh!) And are simultaneously the closest and very closest (nobody picked the number 40) – and therefore we’re just going to give the whole lot of you TWO (2!) BOOKS EACH!

The ten winners:

  • Young Sheng
  • Michael C. Falk
  • Victoria
  • Wes Richey
  • Dan Burke
  • Alexandra Conrad
  • Sabrina
  • Mike (there were several Mikes; this one – obviously – is the one who chose 42!)
  • Raina
  • Ceecee


CONGRATULATIONS, WINNERS! Mana will contact you soon!

Thank you everyone else for playing! Better luck next time!