12yo Launches ‘Hello Kitty’ 25 Miles Into Stratosphere

Just too cool:

For a science project, seventh grader Melody Green did an experiment on the effects of air pressure and temperature on altitude, using a weather balloon kit, a homemade “rocket,” and…Hello Kitty.

According to their notes on her YouTube video, the structure, which included four GoPro cameras, entered the Stratosphere, where the balloon eventually burst. It landed 47.5 miles from the launch site, 50 feet up in a tree. Melody was able to track it down using the GPS system she had equipped the capsule with, and also by calculating the distance based on the wind speed and direction.


The capsule reached an altitude of about 25 miles above Earth, entering the Stratosphere. This is technically not “outer space” but is still incredibly high, especially for a Hello Kitty doll.

Check it out. (The balloon exploding—at 2:15—is awesome.)

Bonus: This video doesn’t have any rockets. Or space. Or Hello Kittys. But it has kids, and it has an experiment. And it’s as funny as two piglets on a waterslide. (Note to self: Make a video of two piglets on a waterslide.)