Crawling Into Caves With Hibernating (and Awake) Bears

This is amazing. (Wait until you see the little baby bears.) Another entry for your (pretend) bucket list!

Best moment: at the 1:56 mark when bear dude says, “No, we don’t carry firearms.” Why would they? They’re only crawling into caves with live bears! It’s not like that’s dangerous or scary or anything!



• That’s Canadian comedian Rick Mercer. The clip is from a 2009 episode of his show “The Rick Mercer Report.”

• Here’s the website of the bear dude, Martyn Obbard.

• Algonquin Provincial Park can be home to about 2,000 black bears because it’s big. Really, really big. Like in about 3,000 square miles big. (The entire state of Rhode Island, by comparison, covers about 1,200 sqaure miles.)