WO! Huge Eagle Tries to Snatch Kid UPDATE: Hoax!


UPDATE: It’s a hoax! We called it – well, we actually got taken in, but said it might be haox, too, so they half got us.


This was just posted on YouTube today. Apparently happened in Montreal. (Warning: The guy says. “oh sh*t!” when he sees the bird hit the kid. So – you’ve been warned.)

And it wasn’t faked in the way we thought it was:

But on Wednesday, the Montreal-based Centre NAD posted a blog owning up to the fact that the video was the work of several students in the school’s 3D Animation and Digital Design program.

Both the eagle and the kid were created in 3D animation and integrated into the film afterwards,” the school wrote, citing Normand Archambault, Loic Mireault and Felix Marquis-Poulin as the student masterminds behind the clip.

Wow. Good work.

Could be fake. Having the camera go to the ground while he’s running is a perfect time to make a switcheroo – like maybe the thing the bird hit wasn’t a kid. The replay sure makes it look like it was, though.

Whattaya think?