DIY Kid’s Dumpster-Dive Spaceship

Television station dumpster not included:

This DIY spaceship will fill any boy’s [or girls!] fantasy and can be made up from salvaged electronics. This particular one was constructed using a control board from a TV station dumpster. With a little creativity and some constructive ingenuity, the universe can be your playground.

They have a bunch of pics as the project progressed over at the link – here’s just one from near the end:

With young kids, you could have them draw or paint their own scenes of outer space – meeting aliens! – to put up in the spaceship’s “window.” They could make stories through the pictures, and add a lot of hours to the fun, huh?

Bonus: Hey, Moms [or Dads!]: This is the kind of thing that could keep Dad [or Mom!] out of trouble for a good long while, too…