Chinese State Paper Falls For The Onion’s “Sexiest Man Alive” Spoof

The world continues to await the "Celebrity Deathmatch" between Kim Jong-Un's and Donald Trump's hair.


Too dang funny:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been named 2012’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, China’s Communist Party newspaper proclaimed on Tuesday after treating a spoof award by satirical US website The Onion as genuine.

The People’s Daily website published two paragraphs lifted word-for-word from The Onion, along with a photo gallery of 55 images of Kim, who took over as the North’s leader after his father Kim Jong-Il died last December.

The newspaper, known for keeping to the Communist Party line, described the organisation awarding the title as “US website The Onion”, but made no mention of satire and published the report in both English and Chinese as world news.

Hold yourselves back, ladies: Link to the 55-PHOTO SLIDE-SHOW right here! (Although it may not be there long…)

Bonus: A Chinese paper did this in hilarious fashion at least once before.


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