Leonard Cohen’s Former Manager Jailed

This has been a sordid story gone on way too long:

Singer Lonard [sic] Cohen’s former manager has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for harassment after years of abusive phone calls, emails and messages to the singer.

Kelley Lynch, who had worked with Cohen for 17 years, had been fired by the singer in 2004 and sued in 2005 for stealing $5 million from Cohen’s private bank accounts and investments.

After a judge found in his favour and ordered her to pay back $9.5 million, she becan her campaign of harrassment until stopped by last week’s sentence.

Glad it’s over. But, as pointed out here – Ms. Lynch did the world a great favor! Thank you! (Sorry, Leonard.)

While we’re on the subject of Mr. Cohen, here’s a nice piece about his country music roots, that show up in a lot of his songs—like this one.

Finally, a song, and it’s official music video: