Caption Contest: Winners Announced!

Update: Winners have been announced!

Who doesn’t like to win cool stuff? (Uncle John’s Uncle Frank, that’s who. Last we heard he was living in a cabin with no electricity or water in the Canadian Rockies. Winning free stuff would mean his whereabouts would be known. I think we’ve said enough.)

Where were we? Oh yeah—the person who makes the most custard-sneezingly hilarious caption for this photo…

Weird Cat

…wins an Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader of their chooosing and…yes…the coveted UJBR T-shirt. (Not available anywhere but here as a prize! It’s almost cruel, isn’t it?!)


Update: Winners have been announced!

Ain’t she a beauty?

Sample caption:

Weird Cat

"Now let me tell about this little event we called 'Woodstock'"...


Ready set go…

You have until midnight Sunday, PST!

**** U.S. only! Sorry! It’s a legal department thing…

**** Pic from here. Thanks!