1,100-year-old Mayan Ruins Found in North Georgia

This is one of the most mindblowing stories we have ever seen. Let’s look at that headline again:

1,100-year-old Mayan Ruins Found in North Georgia

That’s impossible.

Let’s do a little history brush-up. The Mayans lived in Mexico. Way south Mexico, and even into Central America. Their civilization goes back almost 4,000 years, and collapsed more than 1,000 years, although the people of course lived on in the region, and do so still today.

Now back the story:

Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of an ancient Mayan city in the mountains of North Georgia believed to be at least 1,100 years old. According to Richard Thornton at Examiner.com, the ruins are reportedly what remains of a city built by Mayans fleeing wars, volcanic eruptions, droughts and famine.

It’s not April 1. The link does not go to The Onion. This story is real.

Oh, and there’s a Mayan pyramid there.


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