Hunter S. Thompson’s Letters to Playboy Editors

Playboy has just released ten previously unpublished letters, some typed, some handwritten, from Hunter S. Thompson to his editors at Playboy, written between 1967 and 1973. (Seems to be part of a promo for the soon-to-be-released film adaption of Thompson’s The Rum Diary, with Johnny Depp. And has gathered a bunch of Thompson’s writings for the magazine in one place for the event.) Needless to say, the letters would not be safe to, say, read out loud at work. (Unless you work at the BRI – Amy does stuff like that all the time.) Some are very dry – one is a list of expenses for an article Thompson wrote in 1969 (which was not published) – others offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the HST writing process, and a further look into the cynical and seriously funny human he was.

One short letter noted “date unknown” says this:

P.S. – inre: Oui’s request for “my hangover cure” – it’s 12 Amyl Nitrates (one box) in conjunction with as many beers as necessary.



P.S. For a description of “Shotgun Golf,” a sport invented by Thompson, go to page 240 of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Tees Off On Golf.

Via MetaFilter.