Want To Try This Weird New Beer?

Selling a lifestyle and a brand and customer loyalty…but it only seems to work with the beer itself. Budweiser Black Crown Tired and alarmed at how “microbrews” or “craft brews”—strongly flavored, potent, regionally-produced beers—were cutting into their sales, Budweiser introduced its own craft brew-like product in early 2013. Like those upstarts Budweiser Black Crown was […]

The Great Nutella Heist of ’17

…and other big, brazen thefts of huge amounts of very specific foods. The Nutella heist Nutella—a mixture of ground hazelnuts, chocolate, and a lot of sugar—is peanut butter’s sassy European cousin. People on both sides of the Atlantic are wild about it, particularly in Western Europe, and they’ll apparently do anything to get more of […]

Diseases That Dogs Can Smell

Humans boast at least five senses. Dogs seem to have a few more—as evidenced by the fact that they can sense illness and medical conditions in humans before the humans have any idea. Migraines  According to a University of Pittsburgh study, dogs that live with people who suffer from migraines are able to notice subtle […]

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