Grease is the Word

The ‘50s-set movie musical Grease theaters in 1978, and it became a blockbuster and an instant classic. As Rizzo might say, “there are worse things you can do” than read an interesting fact or two…about Grease. Up for Sandy Up for the role of Sandy: Carrie Fisher from Star Wars, rock star Linda Ronstadt, Susan […]

Let’s Go, Socceroos!

There are some big differences between soccer and the more popular-in-America sports—the game clock counts up, and the “field” is called the “pitch,” for example. One similarity: colorful (if informal) team nicknames. Here are some of the best national team nicknames from around the world. Clockwork Orange Orange is the national color of the Netherlands […]

Summertime, and the Myth Debunking is Easy

There are certain things we’ve been told our lives—and each successive year—about living it up in the summer. Uncle John took some time out of his busy seasonal schedule of grilling hot dogs and catching waves to hit you with some truth. There’s a surefire way to “relieve” a jellyfish sting Jellyfish are mysterious, hypnotic […]

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