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From the Olympics to the Multiplex

What does an athlete do after the Olympics are over? They become movie stars…or at least try. Kurt Thomas… competed in gymnastics, a sport for which the Olympics are the epitome. After winning multiple medals at the World Championships in 1978 and 1979, Thomas was primed for Olympic gold…but didn’t get the chance. The U.S. […]

Three Finger, Candy, and Pud

Is there anything more “old timey” than old timey baseball from the early days of baseball? Yes—old timey baseball’s players’ colorful (by which we mean weird, crude, and mean) nicknames. Dummy In the early 20th century, “dumb” was a word that meant “physically unable to speak.” Power hitter William Hoy was left with profound hearing […]

They Didn’t Last the Season

The phrase “their season ended early” refers to when a sports team gets knocked out of the playoffs. Lasting to the playoffs is way better than these teams did. American Professional Football Association Before it was called the NFL, the major pro football league was the American Professional Football Association, which began play in 1920. […]

More Race-Day Superstitions

Many NASCAR, Formula One, and IndyCar drivers put themselves through some very peculiar rituals, in the belief that if they don’t, bad luck will curse them to lose their race…or worse. For the first segment in the story, read Race-Day Superstitions.  Austrian Formula One driver Alex Wurz always raced in mismatched shoes. Dale Earnhardt left every […]