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What Some NBA Teams Were Almost Called

Right now, the NBA Finals could’ve be a battle between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Presidents. Really! Go Presidents! “Cavaliers,” referring to the royal loyalists during the English Civil War, won a name-the-team poll in 1970 in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. Ironically, the pro-crown name beat out a pro-democratic name. One of the other […]

Weird Wrestlers

Professional wrestling is already pretty silly, with good guys and bad guys, over-the-top acting, and rigged matches. But the “sport” outdid itself when it introduced these really silly wrestling characters.

Pig Out!

According to statistics, Super Bowl Sunday is more than just a sporting event—it trails only Thanksgiving as America’s biggest food feast. So what’s wrong with a little overindulgence? Read on… Putting on the Feed Bag Every year on a Sunday in February, almost half the population of the United States gathers in groups around their […]