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Flop Show, Hit Song

It used to be that a vital part of a successful TV series was a catchy and memorable theme song. But there are a handful of TV shows that had such great theme songs that they became hits…and far surpassed the popularity of the shows they came from. Here are some TV theme songs that […]

R.I.P. George Michael

The former Wham! frontman made a complete career 180 when he left the pop group for a solo career that was more soul and R&B than it was teenybopper. Michael died over Christmas at the age of 53. Here’s a look back at some notable songs and moments from his 35-year career. Michael’s first solo […]

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas?

Sure, the title tells you to have a “merry little Christmas.” But it’s a complicated message. The actual, original lyrics of the song make the vaguely depressing song undoubtedly one of the darkest tunes ever, not to mention Christmas carol. The song first gained widespread popularity in 1944 with an appearance in the big-screen musical […]