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Mom Invites Community To Dinner While Navy Dad is Deployed

Wow, such a great idea:

When Sarah Smiley’s husband Navy Lt. Commander Dustin Smiley left for a year-long deployment in December 2011, she invited her community to step up and fill the empty seat at the family table. And step up they did. From school teachers, to a U.S. Senator – ordinary and extraordinary folks came by the Smiley house each week to keep the family dinner going until dad makes it home in December 2012.

Good Night, Space Shuttle


One last ride:

SPACE shuttle Discovery was the workhorse of NASA’s retired orbiter fleet. It clocked 365 days and 148 million miles in space, ferrying the likes of John Glenn, the Hubble telescope and 180 astronauts into the cosmos over a three decade career.

But with the end of NASA’s shuttle program, the now-sedentary spacecraft hitched its final ride today – not on a rocket, but on a customised jumbo jet – to be hauled from Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre (KSC) to its Virginia retirement home.

15th Century Flemish Portraits Recreated in Airplane Lavatory

Using toilet seat covers, paper powels, and toilet paper. File this under “Stories Uncle John Dreams About“:

On a 14-hour trek from San Francisco to Auckland, Katchadourian guessed that she’d be left with periods where few people were using the facilities. Over the course of several trips to the bathroom, she adorned herself with paper towels and snapped self-portraits in the same style of Flemish Renaissance portraits.

We might love this woman.

Safe Driving and Flying in 1936

Here’s an odd little instructional film about safe driving—as told via safe flying instructions—by the Jam Handy Organization, for Chevrolet:

The Jam Handy Organization was founded and run by Henry Jamison “Jam” Handy, who from the 1930s until the late 1960s produced thousands of short films, mostly in the instrucational category.

Earlier on, Handy won a  bronze-medal as part of the U.S. swim team at the 1904 Olympics. In 1924 he became one of the still rare athletes to win medals 20 years apart, when he won another bronze as part of the U.S. water polo team.  (One of his teammates that year was Johnny Weissmuller of “Tarzan” fame.) Handy is also credited with introducing the “Australian crawl” swimming stroke to the U.S.