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Famous Last Stands

What happens when a few brave warriors refuse to quit, even when the cause seems lost? Victory…or doom. SULEIMAN THE MAGNIFICENT One of history’s greatest last stands took place in the 16th century when Turkish sultan Suleiman the Magnificent sought to expand his Ottoman Empire eastward into Europe. In 1552, after more than 30 years […]

How Did That Get There?

Keep digging for answers, because these historical finds make zero sense. Cocaine in Ancient Egypt? How could Egyptian mummies—ranging from 800 to 3,000 years old—have traces of cocaine and tobacco in their hair, skin, and bones? Cocaine and tobacco come from plants that grew only in the still-undiscovered New World and weren’t accessible to Egyptians. […]

They Came to Kill Castro…But Couldn’t

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died over the weekend at age 90 of natural causes. That’s a remarkable achievement in and of itself—the Communist leader was a long-time declared enemy of the American government, which tried to kill him lots of times. He thwarted and survived them all. The ol’ poisoned seashell Castro enjoyed scuba diving […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Winston Churchill

Perhaps the breakout character on Netflix’s Queen Elizabeth II series The Crown is the one who isn’t a royal: Winston Churchill. His slow, post-World War II fade from prominence is depicted in the show by a heavily made-up John Lithgow (one of the few non-British actors in the cast). Here are a few things you may not have known about “The British Bulldog.”

Official State Business

Every state has a motto, a nickname, and even a traditional dish. But many states also have a few more “official” items. The official neckware of Arizona is the bolo tie. The official possum of Georgia is Pogo, the possum from Walt Kelly’s long-running comic strip of the same name. The official state beverage of […]