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Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

Some amazing facts about one of America’s most towering and complex figures, Abraham Lincoln, born on this day in 1809. He Was a Really Good Wrestler Wrestling is an ancient sport, and it’s remained popular throughout the history of Western civilization, including the 1800s…when Lincoln was an outstanding grappler. He reportedly won approximately 300 matches […]

Historical Blunders

Here are some critical decisions in history that came back to bite the decision-makers in the butt. Bad Kitty When the Black Plague devastated Europe in the 14th century, many people assumed it was caused by witchcraft. And cats, with their glowing eyes and night-prowling habits, were thought to be tools of witches. Thousands of […]

Message in a Bottle

According to the insurance company Lloyd’s of London, most messages found in bottles are fakes. These, however, are not. Last Words On April 11, 1912, 19-year-old Jeremiah Burke and his cousin Nora Hegarty boarded the RMS Titanic in Ireland. Two of Burke’s sisters had already immigrated to the U.S., and he and Nora were planning […]

Garrett Morgan, Inventor Extraordinaire

From Uncle John’s “dustbin of history” files, here’s the story of Garrett Morgan, a man who nearly a century ago invented a lot of stuff that’s still used today. The son of former slaves, Morgan was born in Kentucky but moved to Ohio while a teenager in the 1890s. He found work as a handyman, […]

A Gift from Halifax to Boston

Every year, the city of Boston gets its official municipal Christmas tree from the Canadian coastal city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Why? Because Boston helped when Halifax needed it the most. On Dec. 6, 1917, the Mont-Blanc, a cargo ship out of France was heading out from a stop in Halifax en route to Bordeaux, […]