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Missed It By That Much

It’s bizarre to think that the outcome of some of the most momentous events in Western history have hinged on one detail. But that’s the case. Here are four examples of what we mean. The American Revolution Near Miss: If, in 1776, a pro-British soldier had read a note instead of sticking it in his […]

An Independent State

There’s recently been talk of a movement called “Calexit”—a proposal for California to withdraw from the United States and become an independent nation. It’s not nearly the first or only time in recent history that a state has looked at secession. Alaska The notion of pursuing independence is so strong in Alaska that the Alaskan […]

Weird Ways Presidents Died

It’s President’s Day, a day to remember the contributions of American presidents of the past…and to also remember the strange circumstances in which a few of them passed away. George Washington (1799) After riding around his estate in cold weather, the first ex-president contracted pneumonia. Eighteenth century doctors did what they could for Washington, which […]

Memorable Facts About Forgettable Presidents

On President’s Day, the focus always seems to center on the major, important, and let’s face it, “best” presidents, such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. But there have been more than 40 other presidents—so here’s a look at some of the more obscure ones. William Henry Harrison William Henry Harrison didn’t do much of […]

Wedding Superstitions

If we were Modern Bride magazine, we’d probably call these “wedding traditions” rather than superstitions. But think about it—most of them were started by people who believed in evil spirits and witches and talismans. Bridal Veil The veil has served a number of purposes throughout history, including: 1) protecting the bride from the “evil eye;” […]