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It’s Flag Day

Today is a holiday commemorating the history of the American national flag, and all that it stands for. Additionally, each of the 50 states has its own flag—here are some stories about those. The Alaska state flag predates Alaskan statehood. It depicts the North Star and the Big Dipper in gold against a dark blue […]

Rockin’ Out With Manuel Noriega

The ousted leader of Panama died last week at the age of 83. Here’s the bizarre story about the unique tactic U.S. military forces used to ensure his surrender.  After serving most of the last three decades incarcerated in Florida, France, and his home nation of Panama, as well as under house arrest, Manuel Noriega […]

Today is Memorial Day

Here’s a little history about this day of remembrance and reflection. History Memorial Day grew out of commemorations of the Civil War. Graves of those lost in the War Between the States were decorated with flowers and flags as early as 1861 in Virginia, caught on in Georgia in 1862, and in Pennsylvania in 1863, […]

The Origins of Traffic Safety Stuff

Stop, yield, and try not to run over these stories. Stop In the early days of car travel in the late 19th century, driving was chaos—there weren’t many universal or codified laws related to traffic or safety measures in place. In 1900, a concerned citizen—meaning he didn’t actually drive a car—named William Phelps Eno published […]

Hooray for Hollywood

Hollywood is so closely identified with the “decadent” film industry, that it’s hard to imagine that it started out as a prim Victorian town…but it did. History In 1886, Kansas prohibitionists Harvey and Daeida Wilcox “bought a 120-acre citrus farm in sleepy Cahuenga Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles, for $150/acre.” They built an elaborate […]