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Uncle John’s Stall of Shame

Bathrooms, toilets, and toilet paper should only be used as a force for good. But sometimes people end up using the facilities for more nefarious deeds. It is for these people that Uncle John created the “Stall of Shame.” Ralph Curry of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania Claim to Fame: Putting Mr. Potato in the head True […]

It’s World Trivia Day!

It’s a pretty big day at BRI headquarters: It’s Trivia Day, an internationally recognized fun holiday. On that note, here’s some trivia about, well, trivia! Trivia doesn’t necessarily mean “trivial.” It actually originally meant something more like “common” or “basic.” In ancient Rome, the word triviae meant a road that forked into two or three […]

The Class of 2016

So many beloved celebrities left us this year that it really did seem like 2016 had a chip on its shoulder. Here are some words of wisdom from the dearly departed to remind us why they were so beloved. “It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” –Muhammad Ali […]

Myth-Leading: Common Names

We might assume that the common names we have for things are accurate descriptions of them, but that’s not always true. Birthday Party You can only have one birth day—the day you were born. After that, every time you celebrate your birthday you’re really throwing an anniversary party. Killer Whale They’re neither killers nor whales. […]