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Happy Birthday, Goodyear Blimp (Or Not)

If you look at several “On This Date” lists online (like this one) you’ll find an interesting bit of info for today, March 8: “1st flight of the Goodyear blimp (1972).”

1972? Hasn’t the Goodyear Blimp been around for a bit longer than that? Uh, yes, it has. But since it now exists only after March 8, 1972 – on the internet, where reality goes to die – we’d like to say “Happy Birthday, Blimp.” What the heck, y’know?

And just for the occasion, here are some blimpy facts, from our very own Uncle John’s Legendary Lost Bathroom Reader (page 273).

A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries

We spend a lot of time on the internet here at the BRI, and one of the things we love about it is that amid all the clutter and crap there is some truly wonderful stuff out there. In “Internet Wonders” we’ll be sharing those finds with you, hopefully pointing you to gems you haven’t seen before. Like this one: “Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries,” from the underappreciated Curious Expeditions:

“For us here at Curious Expeditions, there has always been something about libraries. Row after row, shelf after shelf, there is nothing more magical than a beautiful old library.”

We couldn’t agree more. Here’s just one of the dozens of incredible photos they’ve collected over there, this one of the library at the Abbey of St. Gallen in Switzerland, dating all the way back to the 8th century:

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash

Today is the Man in Black’s birthday. He died in 2003, but if he were still alive, Cash would be 78 today.

Cash’s signature song was “Folsom Prison Blues.” But Cash didn’t get the idea for the song while doing time. He got it while watching a documentary in 1951 about the legendarily tough northern California penitentiary called Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison. It struck him that most people live in a prison of one kind or another, and that they would relate to a song about prison (even a real one) as much as they would to a song about the frequent country song subject matter of drinking, trains, or broken hearts.

Avatar: (Not) Coming to the Theater Near You

Several of our fans have reminded us of this story via <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> and email recently. For those that still haven't read it, we thought we would make it easy and post it here.

We frequently run a feature called "(Not) Coming to a Theater Near You," about potentially classic or blockbuster movies that never got made. Once in a while, however, these movies emerge from years of Hollywood purgatory and<em> do</em> actually end up getting made. And how. Here is one we said in 2004's <a href=";tabID=BOOKS&amp;itemNum=ITEM:1&amp;key=0006021342&amp;nextPage=booksDetails&amp;parentNum=11997" target="_blank"><em>Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader</em></a> was "not coming" then eventually did. It's called <em>Avatar.</em>