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Live on Stage!

Let’s set the stage for some of the most unlikely theatrical adaptations of things you’d never think you’d see in a theater. Doctor Who Doctor Whois so popular in England, and has been for some time, that it’s not just a TV show. The series has spawned novels, radio plays, movies, and even a few […]

Three Finger, Candy, and Pud

Is there anything more “old timey” than old timey baseball from the early days of baseball? Yes—old timey baseball’s players’ colorful (by which we mean weird, crude, and mean) nicknames. Dummy In the early 20th century, “dumb” was a word that meant “physically unable to speak.” Power hitter William Hoy was left with profound hearing […]

Old Hollywood Diets

Crazy fad diets go back a long way. Here’s what some stars of old Hollywood did when they wanted to drop a few pounds. Marilyn Monroe Two raw eggs whipped in warm milk for breakfast, no lunch, and for dinner broiled liver, steak, or lamb, and five carrots. Jean Harlow She occasionally went on “The […]

Flop Show, Hit Song

It used to be that a vital part of a successful TV series was a catchy and memorable theme song. But there are a handful of TV shows that had such great theme songs that they became hits…and far surpassed the popularity of the shows they came from. Here are some TV theme songs that […]