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Wedding Superstitions

If we were Modern Bride magazine, we’d probably call these “wedding traditions” rather than superstitions. But think about it—most of them were started by people who believed in evil spirits and witches and talismans. Bridal Veil The veil has served a number of purposes throughout history, including: 1) protecting the bride from the “evil eye;” […]

A Very Strange Valentine’s Day

You could go the old flowers-and-candy route, of course…or you could go for a gift as unique as the one who love. You Bug Me, Valentine! Each year, the Bronx Zoo in New York City holds a Valentine’s Day tradition. Anybody with just $10 and a good intention can purchase the “naming rights” to one […]

An Adorable Cure for Diabetes

The key to treating to metabolic disease that affects more than 20 million Americans may lie inside the stomach of the duck-billed platypus. There are already many unique things about the platypus, the furry little creatures native to Australia. For example, it’s semi-aquatic, meaning it spends some of its time on land, and some in […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

Some amazing facts about one of America’s most towering and complex figures, Abraham Lincoln, born on this day in 1809. He Was a Really Good Wrestler Wrestling is an ancient sport, and it’s remained popular throughout the history of Western civilization, including the 1800s…when Lincoln was an outstanding grappler. He reportedly won approximately 300 matches […]

Grammy Awards: They Won Best New Artist?

The Grammy Award for Best New Artist, like all the other Grammys, is decided by a vote of music industry professionals. They often have made the wrong choice, in that the winner faded into obscurity while the runners-up have become music superstars. Grammy voters can’t predict the future of course, but if they could have, […]