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Missed It By That Much

It’s bizarre to think that the outcome of some of the most momentous events in Western history have hinged on one detail. But that’s the case. Here are four examples of what we mean. The American Revolution Near Miss: If, in 1776, a pro-British soldier had read a note instead of sticking it in his […]

It Came from a Whale?

Seafaring was a major foundation of the world economy in the 1700s and 1800s because of whaling. Hunting whales and processing their fat, teeth, and other parts into useful goods was extremely important and profitable. (So much so that whales are now mostly endangered.) Whaling is now banned virtually worldwide, but here’s a look back […]

Ultra-Rare Achievements in the NHL

It’s really hard to skate on ice and play a contact sport. It’s even harder to do these things while doing that. A goal in every possible way There are five different permutations or situations in which a player can score a goal in hockey. They are even strength (both teams have six skaters on […]