6 Random Trivia Facts About ‘The Hobbit’

The third and final part of the fantasy trilogy is in theaters now. Here’s some random facts about the source novels and the movies, too.

  • The Hobbit author J.R.R. Tolkien made up the word “hobbit,” which proved difficult for foreign-language publishers to translate. The Swedish edition of the book was called Hompen. In Portuguese, it was titled O Gnomo, or “The Gnome.” In the manufactured “universal” language of Esperanto, the novel is titled La Hobito.

It’s Christmas in Spain!

Who is el caganer? If you’re not familiar with this Christmas character, he’s a peasant usually added to nativity scenes in Spain. He’s typically dressed in traditional clothing like robes. But, unlike Mary, Joseph, or the Three Wise Men, he’s, well…always depicted squatting, with his pants around his ankles and having just left a large turd on the ground. (El Caganer translates to a slang term that means, in more indelicate language, “the guy who poops.”)