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Movies You’ll Never See

From the birth of cinema in the 1890s until the late 1940s, the standard film stock was made of a nitrate base, which is highly combustible. Plus, it disintegrates quickly if it’s not stored in a special low-oxygen, low-humidity, climate-controlled vault. Result: Hundreds of films are gone forever, including these: THE FAIRYLOGUE AND RADIO-PLAYS (1908). […]

How Did That Get There?

Keep digging for answers, because these historical finds make zero sense. Cocaine in Ancient Egypt? How could Egyptian mummies—ranging from 800 to 3,000 years old—have traces of cocaine and tobacco in their hair, skin, and bones? Cocaine and tobacco come from plants that grew only in the still-undiscovered New World and weren’t accessible to Egyptians. […]

3 of the Biggest Box Office Bombs of All Time

You’ve probably never seen these movies. That’s why they’re on this list. The 13th Warrior In the ‘90s, several adaptations of works by Michael Crichton were among the most successful projects in Hollywood. The 1993 big-screen version of his novel Jurassic Park was the top movie of the year, and successful movies of Rising Sun, […]