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Look Out for the Faithless Electors!

As polls for the presidential election are reported daily, many pundits try to predict how those votes will translate to the Electoral College. But just like the polls, you never know what’s going to happen until the votes are in. Each state has a certain number of votes in the Electoral College, which is its […]

4 Dudes Who Dueled (Some of Whom Died)

Their honor was besmirched, and they demanded satisfaction! Here are the stories of some famous folks who participated in duels (for better and for worse). Ben Jonson A contemporary of Shakespeare and the first playwright to preserve his works for the ages by publishing them, Jonson is most famous for the plays Volpone and Every […]

Lunch Box Laughs

Got a little one going back to school? Or a friend who’s had a bad day? Make them udder-ly happy they know you and download this free farm printable featuring jokes from The Funniest Joke Book Ever! Seriously, who wouldn’t smile/chuckle/groan when the see a punch line like this next to their sandwich?! Why did […]

3 Gadgets Invented by Famous Writers

Writers will do anything to get out of writing (trust us, this is hard work). Some avoid a blank page or fend off writer’s block by going to the trouble of inventing something. Lewis Carroll’s Nyctograph Today, writers struck by late-night inspiration in bed can simply reach for their smartphone, and open up a note-taking […]