Memorable Facts About Forgettable Presidents

On President’s Day, the focus always seems to center on the major, important, and let’s face it, “best” presidents, such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. But there have been more than 40 other presidents—so here’s a look at some of the more obscure ones. William Henry Harrison William Henry Harrison didn’t do much of […]

Michael Jordan Died in 2015

Undeniable: That Michael Jordan (he turns 54 today) is among the best, if not the best, professional basketball player of all time. What’s a bit more debatable: the veracity of these crazy urban legends about His Airness. “The Flu Game” Was Really “The Food Poisoning Game” Perhaps the greatest game in Jordan’s career, which was already […]

It’s a Slam Dunk…Contest

A fan favorite highlight of the NBA’s All-Star Weekend since 1984, the Slam Dunk Contest allows the league’s top players to show off their showstopping slam-dunk skills on an empty court. Here are some notable highlights of Slam Dunk Contests of yore.

A Very Strange Valentine’s Day

You could go the old flowers-and-candy route, of course…or you could go for a gift as unique as the one who love. You Bug Me, Valentine! Each year, the Bronx Zoo in New York City holds a Valentine’s Day tradition. Anybody with just $10 and a good intention can purchase the “naming rights” to one […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

Some amazing facts about one of America’s most towering and complex figures, Abraham Lincoln, born on this day in 1809. He Was a Really Good Wrestler Wrestling is an ancient sport, and it’s remained popular throughout the history of Western civilization, including the 1800s…when Lincoln was an outstanding grappler. He reportedly won approximately 300 matches […]