SNL Around the World

Saturday Night Live is drawing some of its biggest ratings of its 40-year-plus history, thanks in part to stars like Kate McKinnon, and Alec Baldwin’s impression of President Donald Trump. But SNL isn’t just an American phenomenon—the show’s format has been exported to other countries. In 2014, SNL came to French-speaking Canada in the form […]

It Came from the Comics!

Not-so-funny stories about words and phrases that originated on the funny pages. Goon The word probably derives from gony, a slang term used by English sailors as a blanket term for large, goofy-looking seabirds like the pelican and albatross. It found its way into regular English in the late 19th century to describe individuals who […]

You’re Going to the Bathroom Wrong

…and everything else you do in the bathroom, if the experts are to be believed. You’re leaving your toothbrush out A study by the University of Manchester in England found that the average toothbrush was loaded with germs—really nasty germs. There are probably about 10 million germs on your toothbrush at this moment, including the […]

Donald Duck Trivia

Some amusing facts about the world’s angriest cartoon duck. First Appearance Donald’s first appearance was in the 1934 Disney short “The Wise Little Hens.” A take on the old children’s story “The Little Red Hen,” Donald and his friend, the now-forgotten Peter Pig, get too lazy while working on a farm and wind up with […]