The Weirdest Game Shows of All Time

It’s common knowledge that Japan has some of the weirdest game shows in the world…but these are all from the good ol’ U.S. of A. Repo Games (2011) It’s the spontaneous, surprise game show fun of Cash Cab…meets the exploitation of those affected by economic hardship. Repo Games was hosted by two repossession agents—or “repo […]

Touchdown! Music!

You can tell what NFL stadium you’re in by what song they play when the home team scores a touchdown. New York Giants When the New York Giants score, the P.A. pumps out “New York Groove,” the 1978 solo hit by Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley. Philadelphia Eagles The Philadelphia Eagles home stadium play two songs. […]

How Sour Candy Works

It shouldn’t be so pleasurable but it is: That bizarre taste sensation of super-sour and super-sweet that comes with sour candy. Here’s the science behind how candy makes can make things taste so sour. The main supplier of sour kick: citric acid. It’s found in, well, citrus fruits: lemons, grapefruits, limes, and oranges, for example. […]

Hello! Hi! Howdy!

How do you do? It’s so nice to see you! Now, won’t you sit down and read these origin stories about common American English greeting words? Hello Going back as far as at least the 1400s, words like “hollo” and “holla” were used in England. A speaker shouted them out when they needed to get […]

Just Call Us “Ray” Now

Sports teams: They’re institutions for major cities for decades, as loyal fans wear team colors and team logos with pride. And then the team goes and changes their name. (Usually for a good reason.) (1) Since its inception in 1965, the Major League Baseball team in Houston has endured a number of major changes short […]