Very Friendly and Curious Sea Turtle Visits Oil Rig Diver

This is some pretty special video.

It was uploaded to LiveLeak on Christmas day. Wish we could tell you where it’s from – but we just don’t know.

Instant Update: AHH! We love when this happens! Even before posting we found the source! It was posted to YouTube in November 2011, by someone going by BlogDaz who writes for a blog out of Thailand, Pattaya Unlimited. He says:

For me, and I would imagine for most people, work is definitely not a pleasure, but here is a rare moment when I can say working really was a pleasure. The hard working diver you see in the video (below) is yours truly, doing my bit for Thailand’s oil and gas industry. It’s not unusual to encounter turtles whilst diving on oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Thailand but to experience a little intimacy with a turtle and get some superb video footage is probably a once in a lifetime experience.

We love that the diver doesn’t even know the turtle is there—as he’s being rather intimately inspected for some time. Then he suddenly notices a large creature right next to him:

BlogDaz goes on to give some information on sea turtles in Thailand. This one is a critically endangered Hawksbill sea turtle.