Unbreakable Coded Message Found on Dead WWII Carrier Pigeon

It was found just a couple weeks ago:

ELITE code-breakers from Britain’s most secret intelligence agency have admitted they are completely stumped by a secret World War Two message found attached to the leg of a dead pigeon.

The coded series of hand-written letters written on a cigarette paper-sized sheet of paper headed “Pigeon Service” was discovered in a small red canister attached to the bird’s skeleton up the chimney at a house in Bletchingley, Surrey.

David Martin, 74, a retired probation officer, was renovating his 17th century home, when he found the remains of the dead “secret agent” carrier pigeon which is believed to have got stuck in the chimney on its return from a top secret mission to Nazi Germany.

They go on to say that the British intelligence agency GCHQ says the message is impossible to crack without its original accompanying codebook:

Unfortunately, much of the vital information that would indicate the context of the message is missing. It is undated, and the meaning of the destination – given as “X02” – is unknown. Similarly, while the sender’s signature appears to say “Sjt W Stot”, nothing is known of this individual or their unit.

• GCHQ has the message. (Nurp Nurp!) See if you can break it!

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• Short video interview of Mr. Martin on his mysterious discovery here.

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“Pigeon Center

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