Mr. Toilet’s Toilet Theme Park

It’s the #1 place in the world to go—and the #2 place, too! If you can, you should drop everything and head there now! (Note: All those links go to the same place. We just wanted to make sure you got all those jokes.)

I’ve been to some bizarre spots in South Korea, from DMZ tunnels to a seaside park dedicated to giant penises, but a new theme park in Suwon is at the top of my must-see list: it celebrates toilets.

The Restroom Cultural Park is billed as the world’s first toilet theme park. It’s a monument to the colorful former mayor of Suwon, a man known as Mr. Toilet.

The late Sim Jae-duck was himself born in a toilet and had an affection for loos throughout his life, rigorously promoting public facilities while mayor.

Sim also founded the World Toilet Association and wrote a book entitled “Happy to Be With You, Toilet.” He died of prostate cancer in 2009.

And there’s video. Weird video:

Wee should send them books.