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How about you? 47% of Americans say they’d toss out fruitcake received as a holiday gift. – BRI Trina ... See MoreSee Less

13 hours ago

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Miki HokeyMore fun to regift it!! We have a family joke that includes a fruitcake that has been around for a long time. Whoever received it last year has to give it away this year, to someone other than the person who gave it to them. It has been mailed across the country and the Atlantic ocean. It might be nearly time to buy a new fruit brick......3   ·  13 hours ago

Bill CarrI make my fruit cake with rum also. Sometimes I'll even put it in the cake.1   ·  12 hours ago

Dan Scharfre gift or use it as a doorstop1   ·  13 hours ago

Elsa Devries DeGelderWe love fruitcake here. To eat. Really.1   ·  13 hours ago

Jill Bellrose SladeStore-bought fruitcake is awful. I have eaten massive quantities of really good, plummy, boozy, buttery, nutty homemade fruitcake.1   ·  13 hours ago

Brian BaumannSilly, silly 47%...soooooo good!11 hours ago

Kathy TuckerHopefully I will get one of my aunts homemade fruit cakes. Yummy!!!11 hours ago

Kim GibsonI have never tasted one, or even touched one. I thought they were l ike unicorns and santa clause.... If I received one, I think i would be tempted to taste it.11 hours ago

Mélanie GauthierRe-gift!!!! I know people who like them. Go figure! :D12 hours ago

Darryl HayesTossed, with extreme force.12 hours ago

Michelle BondGive it to my dad. He LOVES fruitcake.12 hours ago

Duke TegardenDepends on who makes it. A properly made fruitcake is a joy.12 hours ago

Shannon StewartYes! Or regift12 hours ago

Bill DoeI'd eat it12 hours ago

Leslie C NgI'd toss it.12 hours ago

Kent AttwoodI'd re-gift it to someone next year!13 hours ago

Sam BroSam HainesNo!!!!! Mail it to me!!!!!! PM for addy!13 hours ago

Chad DorwartI can honestly say I have never tried fruit cake13 hours ago

Tom StrautDonate it. It's such a waste to toss it.13 hours ago

Shannon LeeI would regift it. It sells every year, they keep making it, so SOMEONE must like it, lol.13 hours ago

Barbara Gean KennedyIlike fruitcake,12 hours ago

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