The Only Dog Breed in the World That…

Of course, every dog is special—especially yours. But the following dog breeds are truly one of a kind. Has a Nose That Can be Used in Court Bloodhounds, of course. They’re so good at following a scent—either to people or pieces of evidence—that whatever they find is admissible in criminal cases throughout the United States. […]

So Long, Gene Wilder

Beloved comic actor and writer Gene Wilder passed away this week at age 83. Here’s some stuff you may not have known about “Dr. Frankenstein,” “The Waco Kid,” and “Leo Bloom.” Wilder portrayed the title character in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but he doesn’t appear until about halfway into the movie. Suspense and […]

3 Failed Restaurant Spinoffs

We usually associate the word “spinoff” with TV shows—Frasier was a spinoff of Cheers, or Laverne & Shirley was a spinoff of Happy Days, for example. But it’s an idea used in the world of restaurants, too. Or at least it was—as these three spinoffs of a very famous fast food brand all flopped. Ollie’s […]

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