Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

Let's say you were going to exercise. And let's say you were going to pull out your favorite VHS tape. If you had to choose one, who would you choose, Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda or Body by Jake? - BRI Trina ... See MoreSee Less

22 hours ago

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Brian SullivanJulia child. The 100 fudged episode2   ·  21 hours ago

Greg SandsI hit my VHS player with a hammer ages ago. They were why.2   ·  22 hours ago

Devanie AngelBody by Trina1   ·  21 hours ago

Pattie Helmuth1   ·  21 hours ago

Allison GainesRichard Simmons13 hours ago

H-l RankinRichard Simmons!15 hours ago

Lisa ThomasLeslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds16 hours ago

Christine Bates Pasourrichard simmons!18 hours ago

Tari ClairTae Bo!!!18 hours ago

John Fredericksanybody but FONDA I'm not fonda Jane. still remember the 70's19 hours ago

Katie Oswald LeggDon't forget Bins of Steel!19 hours ago

Emily Chamberlin KattawarI had a few Kathy Smith videos--but I would say Jane Fonda from these three! :20 hours ago

John MattinglyJane.20 hours ago

Chandra M VoeltzRichard Simmons! Sweatin to the Oldies forever!!20 hours ago

Misty WalkerRichard! Exercise should be fun.20 hours ago

Michelle BondRichard Simmons! He makes exercise fun :)21 hours ago

Nancy Beasley HelmickRichard Simmons! I still want to jump on one leg & do a windmill arm move whenever I hear "and Windy has stormy eyes, that flash at the sound of lies".....21 hours ago

Richie RosenburghFonda!!! She's hot!!21 hours ago

Trey McLambwww.imdb.com/title/tt022436721 hours ago

Sara RitterbushIt's GOTTA be Richard Simmons!22 hours ago

Jim PritchardWhy are there only 2 of the above posts with a real profile picture?22 hours ago

Wayne SmithDefinitely Jane Fonda..22 hours ago

Janna CarwileRichard Simmons. It was the most fun and you didn't care if you mess up the steps.22 hours ago

Carrie CourterRichard Simmons! Sweatin' to the Oldies!22 hours ago

Duane KanarKathy Smith22 hours ago

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Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

If you flip through the pages of this book, the toilet paper roll at the top changes from 1999 to 2000. - BRI Trina #ThrowbackThursday ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Kent AttwoodI don't have that one. I have over 40 with many more to go!2   ·  2 days ago

Christopher Wayne FultzI'll have to add this one to my list. Great books.18 hours ago

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Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

I thought I’d give you the total number of Uncle John’s books, so that you can know when you’ve completed your collection. A more difficult task than I’d anticipated. 119 books on my shelf. We have 18 puzzle books, 4 “bind-ups” where we package two titles together for some extra large bathroom reading, mini versions of 3 titles, a UK edition, an Australian edition, an Uncle John’s Journal, and who knows what I’m missing! Good luck completing your collections! – BRI Trina ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Jim FeldnerI have 79 right now. BTW your inventory sheet I downloaded didn't have Plunges in Michigan listed3 days ago

Andrea Gibson GreenWOW !!! I've only got 14 and I thought that was a lot. Will I ever finish reading them all ????5   ·  3 days ago

Hunter SvensonI have the uk and Australia versions. Plus the us version of the same book.2   ·  3 days ago

Melanie Hecht-Roe46 all well read. At least I have all 3 mini books...thats kind of a complete collection right?!2   ·  3 days ago

Jeff SmithI've only got 41 & my wife says that's too many - why I don't even have half of 'em!1   ·  3 days ago

James FandrickI've got 40. Just missing a few. 1   ·  3 days ago

Allison GainesThere's a New Zealand Edition? Or is it part of the Australia edition?2 days ago

Wendy BackMy 91 is getting close. I have both Australia/new Zealand books plus the weather and maths editions.2 days ago

Jonathan HartmanWhich one is the rarest? Number 1 or number 2?2 days ago

Robert CorenswetI thought I had an impressive collection with 38 books. Apparently, I have a looong way to go.2 days ago

Rosaria ProvenzaWas there a Canadian edition? Distinctly remember there being one.3 days ago

Greg HastingsI have a hardback "4-ply" on my bookshelf of the first four books combined.3 days ago

Bob KetchumJeez! Only 96 more to buy.......... [sigh]2 days ago

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