5 Attempted Secession Movements

The U.K. recently voted to separate from the European Union, which prompted talks of Scotland and Wales leaving the U.K. to rejoin the E.U., and Northern Ireland also leaving to reform with Ireland. It’s just talk at this point, but it got us interested in the history of states in the U.S. that expressed interest […]

Uncle John Helps Out Around the House

Uncle John has been collecting strange household hints and bizarre cleaning tips for years. He can’t promise that all of them actually work, only that they’re weird…and fun to read. Having a copper-polish emergency? Look in the fridge: Ketchup eliminates tarnish from copper. It’s really gross to find mealworms in your cereal bowl. Keep them […]

It’s No Fair to Say this Fair Fare is Fair

In terms of creative unhealthiness and being gut-busting calorie bombs, state fair food now ranks right up there with bizarre baseball park concession items. Here’s a look at the food items new to this year’s Minnesota State Fair—it’s no longer corn dogs and curly fries. Spam Sushi Spam is manufactured in Austin, Minnesota, and this […]

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