Where Did These Pop Culture Ideas Come From?

It’s always interesting to find out where the architects of pop culture get their ideas. These may surprise you. Super Mario Brothers Mario, the Italian-American plumber in dozens of Nintendo video games, was modeled after the landlord at Nintendo’s New York offices in the 1970s. Gollum Actor Andy Serkis provided the voice and movements for […]

Body Nickname Origins

Here’s a look at the science and naming stories behind some everyday stuff you can find right on your person. Funny Bone Knocking your funny bone on something certainly isn’t laugh-out-loud funny. The name references another kind of funny: You feel funny when it happens—a specific kind of jolting nerve pain that spreads throughout the […]

Movies You’ll Never See

From the birth of cinema in the 1890s until the late 1940s, the standard film stock was made of a nitrate base, which is highly combustible. Plus, it disintegrates quickly if it’s not stored in a special low-oxygen, low-humidity, climate-controlled vault. Result: Hundreds of films are gone forever, including these. The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays (1908) […]

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