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Roughly half of all Christmas gifts are thrown away within a year. Have you ever done that? What was the gift? ... See MoreSee Less

5 hours ago

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Michael CollinsI got trash bags once as a gag gift. They all got thrown out eventually.2   ·  5 hours ago

Zar DzA device to cut bananas! ...Awful!2 hours ago

Sylvia Zenteno-BookerI got a doll lamp that didn't make it through the night. A black and white lace trimmed hoop skirted doll with a light bulb in her head, and her "hat" was the shade. Hideous!4 hours ago

Tawna Sue MorrisI actually collect gnomes!5 hours ago

Jim HopeYes, a fruitcake! ;)5 hours ago

Isabelle CooperWhy? O.o insane5 hours ago

Roger W. Mateerdon't even wait a year. how about a garden gnome, or an ugly fleet farm lighted bird feeder and bird house.5 hours ago

Mélanie GauthierCheesy Dollarama stuff... ;)4 hours ago

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