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Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. - Thomas A. Edison ... See MoreSee Less

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Don Mannthere is an irony for me on this one. i love doing stuff, like gardening, mechanical stuff, wood work, etc, but i hate having dirty hands. the only reason it works well is i get so into what i am doing i no longer care. lol, may have some brain issues.1 day ago

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The Grunge Code

The slang or vernacular of any subculture develops slowly and naturally over time. Not so with the words and phrases associated with the 1990s “grunge” music scene. BACKGROUND In the early 1990s, the biggest thing in rock music was grunge, a mixture of punk rock and dreary guitar riffs that shot bands like Nirvana and […]

Twinkie Sushi

Take packaged junk food…and turn it into something “gourmet” with one of these weird recipes. (Warning to healthy eaters: DON’T LOOK!) Funyun Onion Rings Grind a bag of Funyuns in a blender. (Funyuns are made from cornmeal that’s formed into rings and heavily seasoned with onion powder.) Dip slices of real onions in the Funyun […]

The Magic Kingdoms

Random facts about the happiest places on Earth: Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Walt Disney hated seeing chewing gum on the ground, so he prohibited Disneyland and Disney World from selling it. In fact, Disney didn’t want any garbage on the ground at all. So before Disneyland opened, he had planners study families at other […]

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