3 Failed Restaurant Spinoffs

We usually associate the word “spinoff” with TV shows—Frasier was a spinoff of Cheers, or Laverne & Shirley was a spinoff of Happy Days, for example. But it’s an idea used in the world of restaurants, too. Or at least it was—as these three spinoffs of a very famous fast food brand all flopped. Ollie’s […]

Stagecoach Riders’ Nine Commandments

Stagecoach travel has been glamorized by Hollywood: a handsome hero in an immaculate white shirt and string necktie, and a neatly coiffured heroine swaying gently as the stage races across the prairie. Romantic? Yes. Truthful? No. Stagecoaches didn’t race—good drivers averaged 5 mph. And passengers arrived covered with dust and aching from the bone-rattling journey. […]

The Very Shortest in the History of Sports

Let the winning streaks and championships and longest time without a championship get the headlines. Here are some of the briefest things in pro sports history. Team with the shortest time in the NFL Based in a suburb of Buffalo, New York, the Tonawanda Lumbermen (also known as the Kardex and Lumberjacks) played in the […]

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