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The word love appears in more film titles than any other word. Second: Paris. What is your favorite film that has one of these words in the title? - BRI Trina ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Daniel SheltonFrom Russia With Love1 day ago

Lois Farnsworth-WhysongLove Actually1 day ago

Lisa Howard GlassUm...Back to the Future, in Paris. :-P1 day ago

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Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

The French typing equivalent of “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” is “Take this old whiskey to the blond judge who’s smoking a cigar.” – BRI Trina ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Esther PalmerPrendre ce vieux whisky au juge blond qui fume un cigare I don't see a T or a Z.1   ·  2 days ago

Dave MallasChange jumped to jumps.2 days ago

Brian NogaLazy2 days ago

Tristan QuallsWhere is the z?2 days ago

Eric WittThe actual piece from the most recent book omits the letter "s" from the English Ur-example.2 days ago

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Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

City dwellers have longer, thicker, denser nose hairs than country folks do. – BRI Trina ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Corey MethvinI could give locks of love from my nose...not very sexy but just telling the truth...and I am in Ft Jones :]1   ·  3 days ago

Ken ThompsonIt's the smog. And the bus fumes.2 days ago

Suzanna PlinkeWhat about those who live in the suburbs?3 days ago

Carol Fang MillerEvolution at it's finest!3 days ago

Laurie Haney TompkinsWho does this kind of research? Ewwwww3 days ago

Matt ClinganThat's too cut out more pollution!3 days ago

Tod HooperWell duh, industrial pollution is much thicker than hog waste aroma3 days ago

Mélanie GauthierEw #didntneedtoknowthat3 days ago

Cynthia SchlueterAnother reason I can give when people ask why I live in the country!3 days ago

Ron DavidsonThat's to cut out the pollution.3 days ago

David Abinadi AtwaterKaitlyn Alberts1   ·  2 days ago

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Is There Hope for Pete Rose?

In 1989, Pete Rose was banned for life from baseball when evidence surfaced that he bet on games, including ones played by his own team. The all-time leader in hits, he would’ve been a shoe-in for election to the Hall of Fame. Other banned individuals have been reinstated, so maybe Rose will have a shot at enshrinement some day.

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