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2 days ago

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Action Figure Facts

Uncle John would like to remind you, once and for all, he is not playing with his “dolls.” They are action figures. Goodbye, Dolly In 1964 designers at Hasbro Toys came up with a line of military dolls. Executives loved it, but the marketing department felt that boys would never buy anything called a “doll,” […]

The Post-Mortem Films of Stanley Kubrick

What do the 2002 sci-fi movie A.I.: Artificial Intelligence and a new miniseries about Napoleon have in common? Both are upcoming Stanley Kubrick projects…although the legendary director died in 1999. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence In the 1970s, Kubrick started work on a film version of Brian Aldiss’s short story “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long.” It’s an […]

6 Strange Mario Games

He’s the most popular and well known character in video game history. Mario has appeared in more than 50 games since the early ’80s…but not all of them have been winners. Mario’s Bombs Away In this game from 1983 (which played on a handheld device), Mario is no longer a plumber—he’s a solider. The player […]

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