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All-time bestselling lunch box: The Walt Disney School Bus (9 million sold from 1961–73). Did you have one? – BRI Trina ... See MoreSee Less

8 hours ago

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Kevin GrunewaldI did have one. My Mom still has it.8 hours ago

Doug RicedorfYes I did and it may still be in my parents attic!8 hours ago

Paul E. BearThe Lone Ranger lunchbox here8 hours ago

Steven BashamTmnt and the thermos8 hours ago

Murray GodwinI had a James Bond lunch box...8 hours ago

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You Probably Think This Book is About You

A look into one of the world’s strangest, and rarely used, literary devices. A lot of novels are written in “third person.” This means that the action is told by a narrator who isn’t part of the story, describing the events as they unfold. If the book is “third person omniscient,” it means that the author makes the reader privy to the thoughts of all the characters. Jane Austen wrote this way. If just the main character’s thoughts are given, it’s called “third person subjective.” An example of this: the Harry Potter series.

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