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Happy Wine Day! Did you know? The world’s oldest existing bottle of wine, found near Speyer, Germany, was produced in AD 325. ... See MoreSee Less

23 hours ago

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

Happy 197th birthday, Queen Victoria. Did you know: Queen Victoria was one of the first women to use chloroform as anesthesia during childbirth in 1853. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Spicy Stories: History of Spices

In our quest to not cook up a bland book, our seasoned researchers spiced things up with a dash of tasty origins. ALLSPICE  Allspice grows naturally in the West Indies and Central America, where Spanish explorers discovered it in the 16th century. They thought the shrubby tree’s fruit looked like peppercorns, so they called the […]

Say it with Roses

You probably know that red roses symbolize love and passion, but you may not know that the color, number, and how roses are combined have coded meanings dating to the Victorian era. Here’s a guide to sending the perfect bouquet. 1 red rose: “I like you.” 6 red roses: “I adore you.” A dozen red […]

The Longest Songs

While Uncle John was listening to Prince’s eight-minute-long “Purple Rain” on a loop over the weekend, he got to thinking about long songs. Really long songs. The Longest Hit Songs Before the late ‘60s, radio stations rarely played songs over four minutes long. It took a band as powerful as the Beatles to change that. […]

Moonstruck: Goodnight Moon Trivia

Our favorite childhood classics make us feel as snug as a bunny in bed. Here’s a look at what’s down the rabbit hole. GOODNIGHT MOON “Goodnight light and the red balloon…” Margaret Wise Brown wrote more than 100 books for children, but her most famous is Goodnight Moon, published in 1947. It was a revolutionary […]

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